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After release, the last year a friend of mine and I were working hard in this project called QuoDB. It’s basically a JSON API rest for quotes extracted from subtitles. Although the api is not public yet I have created a client to test it. Its basically a movie quotes search engine implemented as a responsive single […]

Google maps navigation using WebRTC + HTML5 Canvas

WebRTC + Canvas + JavaScript = Air finger web browsing. You can see this demo with almost any modern browser, by default a video demo is showed but to test this project with your own camera you need to have a WebRTC enabled Chrome browser  with enable media stream in chrome://flags. For video tracking I have developed […]

Making an hybrid mobile app from any web site in a few minutes

This is a simple way to create a prototype mobile application from any website mobile version. These kind of apps are called “hybrids” because they are made using a native browser container that load web mobile pages inside. The main content is built using web technologies, and then wrapped in a platform-specific container that allows […]

F1 Live timing map

This is a live timing map application for f1 championship races made using javascript and google maps markers. The live timing data is supplied by It’s interactive, you can press over a driver to track him or press into an empty map zone to untrack and have a general view. It has also been […]

Tracking a football match with HTML5 and Javascript

This is an experiment for a real-time tracking of a football match using only web technologies. In this case I’ve chosen to track a football match from Futbol Club Barcelona (fcb). All the work is made by the browser and it’s interactive (there are four checkboxes to activate/deactivate each tracker). It is based on tracking […]


The Django-IDE is a web based IDE made with html5 and javascript Currently, the following features have been written and are working: Local storage: When you open a file once, this is copied to browser local storage, so the next times you open this file, if it has not changed, it will open intantaneusly from […]